Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, again

Fridays feel like Tuesdays to me.
This is probably because I don't have a job out in the public to remind me what day it is.
So when Friday is upon me, I always feel stunned that the week has gone by so fast...and isn't that what we grew up hearing? That time goes by so quickly, and we shouldn't wish so much to grow up fast as we will all too soon? How true. Sad, but true, as any parent can attest to.
 Charlie will be two, and I am feeling the time whizz by suddenly. I decided it was because poor Mike is, as I type, sitting in the doctor's office, under the scalpel, getting the old snip-er-oo, and the decision to not have any more kids is being finalized.
Whenever my babies turned two I got an urge to hold and care for a baby once again. I don't really know why, as the hospital stay always annoys me (really, you have NO pride whatsoever once you waddle in the door in labor), the sleepless nights are for the birds, and I finally have my nipples back to myself.
But at least my options were open. And while I am feeling nostalgic, I am glad it's being done to him, and not to me. Selfish and so true. Poor guy. He's so brave.
Last night, as he modeled his new jock strap for me, the thought hit me that this is it: our family of 5 is complete and the circle is closed.

I was able to get Charlie's comforter done yesterday, and she loves how soft the mink fabric is.

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