Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Night Notes...

What a weekend for us...
we drove down to Outlook and picked up Brandon after his 4 day stay with grandma and grandpa, and the trip down there also entailed two games of curling on TSN. The kids were a bit bored with the adults into the curling, although Mike and his dad did play bumper pool with them a few times to make it up to them!
We then met up with dad and Sam for a quick cup of coffee and so we could say our goodbyes to them...they are moving east to Nova Scotia and gosh only knows when we will see them again. The kids were excited to see them and made cards for them to put on their fridge in their new house.
We got to talking about music, and we have some common ground in our fondness for eclectic genres and folk/singer & songwriter roots. I told them of my love for Sarah Harmer, an Ontario singer/songwriter who is also an environmental activist.

In fact, her song "Escarpment Blues" is about a quarry that was propositioned to be built on the Niagara Escarpment in Burlington, which was her home town. She wrote the song and also did a documentary which was released in 2005, some of the scenes of which were used for her rough cut video posted above.
Her story really reached out to me, and that's when I fell in love with her music, which I first heard on CBC 2 radio (plays nonstop in my kitchen, much to Mike's disgruntlement).
Here are my two favorite songs, and I hope you listen to them and broaden your musical vocabulary, like I did and still love to do.

p.s. : here's a cheer for the Saskatchewan women's curling team, who defeated Team Canada tonight and are now the new Team Canada! Take that, Jones, and enjoy your side of crow.

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