Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 Kitchen Reno

Cabinet doors removed..I had to organize the interiors before I could expose them!
Well, for day 2 I guess I got enough done in the kitchen. I took down all the doors, drawers, and European hinges (which were gross and really need to be cleaned). I wanted to do more, but am limiting myself to doing the major stuff while Charlie is sleeping, and the loud stuff like sanding when Mike is home and can watch the kids in the house while I'm in the garage.
I am coloring my roots and grouting my bathroom tile right now...talk about multi-tasking! Then it'll be off to dance this afternoon and then to a meeting after supper. So I suppose sanding can wait until tonight! I'm so nervous about the whole project but am determined to get it right. Especially now that I will be babysitting sooner that expected: March 7th or so - I have no choice now but to hurry up and get it done. It's now or never so wish me luck!

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