Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 7 Kitchen Reno

What a great day today! We finished up the first half of the doors, and had them up by 5:30pm. Mike left to catch the hockey game tonight and I'll lay out the rest of the doors and start sanding them.
As you can see, we kept the old brass hinges for a few reasons:
1. they are 30 years old and are obsolete
2. I will be on budget if we reuse them.

They don't look horrible, but if I was redoing the kitchen from scratch I wouldn't use dark hinges with white cabinets. Mike did talk me into knobs, though, so I will be looking for some soon. I agreed with him that knobs will slow down any dark or dirty markings that may occur on the white doors. We think we've settled on glass knobs, as they won't stand out like a sore thumb on the white background.

Either of these would be nice, and I will go tomorrow to see what Home Depot has to offer.
So far we really like it, but it's very white, and I'm looking forward to toning it down with the new counter and tile.


  1. Hi! The kitchen looks great. Brings back memories of when we repainted our cupboards a few years ago. I was really set on new handles when we did ours, specifically those stainless steel bar ones that are crazy expensive. I ended up ordering them off ebay for a fraction of the price. If Home Depot ends up not having what you want or if they're going to break your budget, you should definitely check out online. It ended up saving me hundreds in the end. Happy renovating!

    P.S. - I'm really enjoying all your renovation posts. We're in the midst of renovations ourselves - only it's more like a never ending process that's taking years. I'm jealous about your playroom. I babysit out of my home too and I've been itching to freshen up the basement in a more kid-friendly style. That's where my kids spend most of their time. But I'm trying to finish the upstairs first.

  2. Thanks Melissa!! So good to hear from you...and I will look online, thanks! I am a fanatic ebay and kijiji shopper! :)
    Yes renovations can be great, as long as they don't take too long..we tend to start off so gung-ho, then the little finishing projects at the end seem to take forever! Trim, touch up paint, etc.
    I can afford to be a bit over budget, but I wanted to prove a point to myself that if I tried hard enough I could freshen the kitchen on a super lean budget. I'm still determined!!!
    Talk to you soon and take care!