Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If Debbie can do it, so can I!

Filling the holes left by the ugly hardware

Yesterday I took the bull by the horns and gave into the urge to rip apart my kitchen and refinish my cabinets. After years of staring at it from my spot on the living room couch, I finally decided to jump into the project headfirst.
I have to blame the home renovation shows for my gusto, and a particular lady gets the brunt of the blame: Debbie Travis. She is my hero. When she got an idea in her head, she couldn't get it out, and didn't let anyone tell her she couldn't bring to life what she envisioned. And when her friends first heard about the exciting things she could do with a paintbrush, they begged her to paint their livingrooms and she juggled motherhood, running her house, and starting a fledgling career all on her own. In fact, her babies slept in their car seats in the car while she shot her first episodes of "The Painted House" in Montreal. She ran back and forth between house and car all day long.
Now, while I don't particularly recommend this, and I would never do it (I'm not THAT ambitious), I admire her guts.
The old microwave cabinet that was a catch all and an eye sore to me
So if Debbie Travis could do it, so can I!
That's what I told Mike last night, when he came home to see part of the cabinets tore off the walls (by myself, with the help of Mr. Sledgehammer!). And the holes left by the hardware that were filled and ready to be sanded.
I know it's a big job, with 28 cabinet doors and 10 drawers to refinish, not to mention the face frames. On top of that, I can't just stop there...I picked out my new arborite for the countertops, and tile for the backsplash.
My budget is $500.00. Any of you who know me know that I can make that $500 stretch and stretch. I've got a lead on discontinued tile that is the exact color I want, and Mike can get the arborite at a discount contractor's store in Saskatoon. I'll keep my blog updated as I move along with the project.
So it's set...and my cabinets are awaiting the sander's loving touch!
*The Before Shot*

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