Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we got our keys and were able to start the huge process of unpacking our lives into each room. What a task. I wasn't feeling well which made everything very tedious and I love to move...this is actually my favorite part! I did end up going to the doctor and he told me I really pulled a muscle under my left ribcage. Advil is what I was prescribed... and also no more unpacking. Haha I laughed at that as it's  really out of the question with Mike working so damn much this weekend. I did agree not to lift any more boxes or anything over my head. He also said it would get worse before it got better. I am believing him tonight. 
Other than that wrecking my fun, things are coming along. I am loving the butler's  pantry but then I knew we would. I can't stop wiping down the countertops or sweeping up the floors with my new wide  floor sweeper (thanks Hun). And I can't wait to be done unpacking so that I can dress up the house. 
Jas and Troy and the kids came over yesterday with an awesome "Home" sign and some flowers for the front stoop. My brother was also here to take a look at the house and his presence was welcomed too. :) 
Today mom, Jenine and Sonia also popped over. It was loud with our voices echoing off of the vaulted ceiling, and so I'm determined to finish unpacking soon so that our pictures can be put up to help muffle the noise. 
( my view from where I am typing up my post tonight)

Poor Charlie is ready to throw the towel in: she has been getting quite bored with me. I need to spend some more time with her so that she doesn't feel left out anymore. So tomorrow we are taking a break for a half a day to go to the park in the morning, followed by a shopping trip. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hotel-ing it One More Night

Here we are back at the Ramada in the city for hopefully only one more night. The lawyer called Mike and said he had the paperwork back and ready to sign.
So tomorrow we will go do that and then Charlie and I can putz away in the house. 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby...and Happy Anniversary to us Too!

13 years ago today I was getting my hair done, drinking coffee and taking a couple Gravol to better prepare myself to recite my hand written wedding vows. 
It was a day much like today: a few clouds and warm, but not too warm. We said our vows and became one in front of 145 guests. 

Also it was Mike's 23rd birthday. And so today, as he turns 36 I'd like to say happy birthday and anniversary to my best friend and soul mate...the only one who really knows me and sticks right beside me through everything. 

When we took a load over to the house this morning this was waiting for me inside the garage:

I was eyeing this bench up at Home Hardware quite a few months ago. Didn't I say he knew me?? It will be perfect for the big entryway for our company to use to put on their shoes. So thanks Hun. :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Humdrum Musings

As I sit here at McD's trying to kill yet more time in my day I find myself thinking and over thinking the last 72 hours. 
One consistent thought keeps popping into my mind: I wish Mike had been on board with me about postponing the movers and possession date for the house until next Thursday or Friday. To me that one extra week would have made a world of difference in what we are going through now. 
Not to say we are homeless, because we aren't that at all. We have a roof over our heads. Just not many other amenities that a family needs to function properly. Beds to fit everyone, plates, cutlery, cooking paraphernalia, etc. We bought some paper plates and forks to last us a few days, and thankfully we can wash clothes. We found some camping chairs in the shed and Mike brought them in. 
There's just nothing to do at all for the kids and so we are trying to fill the days up. A trip to the dollar store may be in my near future to find some quick activities. Chalk, paper, and crayons!!
I think for me the hardest thing is this feeling of a dark cloud over me all the time, wrecking what is supposed to be a fun new chapter in our lives. It is something that no one can really help me with; this feeling of wanting to be apart from everyone around me and pulling the covers over my head in my deflating cold air mattress. 
I realize a lot of this is due to having no actual possession date in my hands: the move in day truly is out of my hands. I am a planner, and compulsively need to know dates and times of events in our lives. And when life throws me a curveball I guess I need to learn how to catch it with more grace than what I do. 
At least with me depression doesn't stick too long. I have been battling it since I was a teenager on medication ( hello Paxil ) and I recognize the signs. Mostly it doesn't show unless you really know me. Most don't see the hiding in the bathroom to cry or snap and yell at the kids for no reason side of me. 
However, because I hate medication, I believe in natural healing ailments, like sunshine, laughter, a good night with good friends, and a hug and cuddle from Mike. A hot cup of my favorite tea and a good book, or a card specially made from Jacey. These things I try before the need to hibernate chases me to my room for a half hour of "me" time. 
Today should be a decent day for some sunshine and running around in the park, supper at moms, and a game at our friends. Tomorrow... Well we will deal with that when it comes.  

Friday, May 17, 2013


We are camping this weekend. 

In our rental house. 
On air mattresses. 

The insurance company (CMHC) had an appraisal done Tuesday and the report went back to the bank stating "95% complete".  Apparently they need it to be 98%.  And so it was as of yesterday.  The appraiser came back over.  And we are as of yet still waiting to hear back from CMHC what the state of completion was.  Therefore, the bank could not send papers to lawyer for us to sign. 

So no house keys. 

However, because our builder is a good guy, he let us keep our booked mover company appointment and we were able to unload into the house.  I will have to call the cable guy to cancel as well.  

It just means that we camp out until next week when we get keys.  It was bittersweet and some tears were shed but we will take a night or so in a hotel room for a bit of a holiday.  We have a roof over our heads and are together so that's all that counts.  Also wehave the   Internet and, therefore, we have Netflix. :)

Our camping spot. :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two More Sleeps

The van (Bessy to us) is as packed as she can get without stuff falling on the children. That's one thing we love about ol' Bessy: the seats fold into the floor and you can really cram a lot of your life inside. :)
I was tired of looking at loose things laying around: baskets full of mitts, laundry hampers full of folded linens and a few lamps. Plus it made me feel extra productive to load up. :)
Yesterday Jas ( my bestie who happens to work in a shop that outfits your windows) and I got to measure the windows for blinds. So of course we got to take some pics and she and I discussed where this and that will go; and also how I will inevitably end up changing my mind a few times more as well. It was fun. :) 
2 more sleeps. 
Everything is lined up. Cable guy is coming Saturday. Insurance and mail box ordered. Telephone number ready for hookup. Movers lined up for Friday. 
It's all good. :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

5 More Sleeps!

We are all getting pretty excited with only 5 sleeps to go before moving into the new house. The rest of the area is developing fast as well, and we aren't the first ones to move into our cul-de-sac.
We have been packing non essentials and will be heading to Maidstone to mom's garage to get our dining room set and the rest of our things from storage there. 

I have been busy uploading videos to YouTube and have some to share. The girls' year end show went well last week and we found ourselves at a loss this week figuring out what it was we were forgetting to turned out to be nothing at all. We all need to reprogram our brains into cool down mode and start learning to relax our bodies and slowly shift into summer. :)

And here are a couple funny clips from our lives: just highlight the link and right click "Go To http" to watch them.  I got a new app for my phone and I can't wait to use it better.  Good bye for now!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mom's New Place

With only a few more things to hang mom has settled in very well. 
Now, to remember to save up loonies for laundry! :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mobile my Jammie's!!

We got the word that we will be moving into our new house in one week! 
You probably couldn't tell that I shouted that to you through my phone screen or that I'm grinning as I type this to you. But I was. :)
After a hellish week of getting mom ready and moved and a trip back to clean the house, we have settled her in very nicely to her swanky new place and stole back my boxes and tubs so that I can pack my stuff.
I spent the day today packing up the girls room and the kitchen drawers and leaving bare essentials to use for the week. Think one pen, three pencils, an eraser and a pad of paper. 
Tonight I got to spend an enjoyable evening with Charlie at her playschool while she gave me a makeover for an early Mother's Day surprise. We looked great. :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mobile Blogging...Another Sleepless Night

Here I am, laying here at 2:34 AM, watching YouTube videos and checking out the girls' dance website. Not sleeping and feeling quite awake. :)
Jacelyn did well at her first Edmonton dance festival. She and I drove up on Wednesday early afternoon and got home just before 10:30pm. She performed her Tap trio routine and received High Silver. She was very excited and loves every bit of the festival routine. The hair and makeup only take us an hour at the most, beginning with the hair curling and ending with the false eyelashes. The end result is always stunning and completely transforms her face. She has no nervous energy at all and likes to walk around before her practice times eating candy and "checking out the competion". She is very competitive but so far it has worked to her advantage and she hasn't gotten prissy in her attitude towards other dancers. Which is great as I am instilling in her good sportsmanship, and that encouragement towards fellow dancers will come back to her tenfold.
Next year she is adding yet more dance genres to her list, including Tap, Jazz, Variety, a Ballet Tech/Stretch class and she is dying to try a duet in Jazz as well.