Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scrapbook Corner

This week I wanted to do a page up for my Uncle James, who passed away last April. I had done one in 2003 for my Aunt Pam, his wife, after she passed away from cancer.
I scanned her page in the computer after I was done, as I emailed it on to my cousin.
After I was finished James' page, I stared at it for a while, not quite happy with it for some reason.
I realized it was because I still can't believe he's gone, and that I'm still grieving the loss of him in our lives.

It made me think of his kids, still all living in Taber, AB, and all of his grandkids who will miss out on the opportunity of knowing their grandpa. And with Aunt Pam already gone for almost 8 years already, I know that my cousins are keenly missing the presence of Uncle James. I couldn't imagine losing both of my parents in the span of 7 years.
So this page is for them, and for remembering the good times. How can you not when you look at this picture? To me, it is how I'll always remember him.
When I went to his viewing, and saw him laying so peacefully, like he was asleep and would grasp my hand as I held his, he looked the same as he always did.
Big and strong, and with a half smile forever on his face.
Yes this picture is the perfect one to show the world who he was. And will always be in my heart.

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