Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 4 Kitchen Reno

I'm not going to you didn't hear this from me...I hate painting.
Before you think I'm crazy for taking on this project let me tell you why I hate painting. I'm messy and I get gobs of paint on the floor, in my hair, not to mention the panic I feel when I see how horrible the primer looks on wood. I always have to tell myself over and over again when I'm painting that this is just the beginning stage, it will look great later, etc etc. But I never seem to get over that initial state of panic at the first strokes of the paintbrush. I wish you could just swipe it on and watch in awe as it miraculously looks finished right before your eyes.

My Little Helper

I began this morning at 9:00am, and sat down at 10:22 tonight, stopping in the day for some baby snuggles and supper and a meeting. Other than that I tried to work right through. It paid off in the end, with two coats of primer and one coat of paint. Tomorrow morning I'll give it another go of paint, and tomorrow night (at least with 12 hours of curing time) I'll swipe on a clear coat of varathane. Then my weekend will be filled with sanding and painting the cabinet doors, which will be done with the paint sprayer for a professional look. So far the cabinets look great, as I used a foam roller for a smooth finish, and no brush strokes showing.
Tonight, we got a call from Totem, and we thought our arborite was turns out it is not in stock at the warehouse and we have to wait for up to two weeks to get it. That's ok with us, we weren't set back much, except I can't tile until the countertop is ready. But if that's the worst that could go wrong with this reno, then I'll take it!

2 coats of primer, one coat of paint, two more to go...

I'm also trying out this product I saw on "Cool Tools"'s called Frog Tape, and it proclaimed to make a sharp paint line, with NO paint bleeding. I thought, that's too good to be true, and got a roll to just see if it was true. And it is amazing! I love it! I am a messy painter and paint so many layers on the tape that it always rips on me and my paint lines are never sharp. I make more work for myself with all the touch ups I have to do. I peeled away the tape today and there was no bleeding whatsoever. My new favorite paint tool, to be sure. But, at $9.99 per 60 foot roll, I won't be using it too often!
And now I'm off to bed. I'm sooo tired, but it's worth it.

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