Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3 Kitchen Reno

Today I spent half a day in the city choosing paint color and ordering arborite for our new counter tops. I also stopped by Home Depot and scoped out the tile selection there, as my tile deal I was holding out for was sold. So I spotted a sheet of 2x2 Travertine tiles in sheets of 12x12 and picked one up to bring home to Mike.
Then I ordered my arborite from Totem, and was surprised to learn that it would be here by Friday! It didn't take me long at all to pick out a swatch that I liked, and even though there were hundreds to choose from, I was drawn to the color of it. Anyone who has built their own counters or had to pick out something they like from countless samples knows about the different sheens and textures that arborite has to offer. My mom was with me today, and was a help to me in choosing what I wanted, as it was easy to be distracted by the other colors. But I kept coming back to the Venetian Gold had the warm tones I was looking for rather than the boring dullness that beige and taupe can have. And I hate boring.
And lastly was the paint choice for the cabinets, and I thought that would be easy as I was going with white. Well, did you know that there were about 100 different colors of white shades, and that was just at Benjamin Moore? It was insane. But I wanted a warm white, that much I did know, and I have a system when I choose paint colors to make my decision making a bit easier. I take three swatches, lay them side by side, and pick one that I like the best out of the three. I do this process of elimination throughout the selected swatches, and come to my color of choice. I went with Cloud White, and when I brought samples home of all of my purchases of the day, I was very happy.
So it is all coming together, and I sanded all of my face frames after I got home. I will spend the next few days priming and painting the face frames, and on the weekend Mike and I plan to spray the cabinet doors. I chose a super sticky latex primer that has acrylic in it, which is a type of plastic, and with two coats of paint and a varathane over top, we will be in business!
Until tomorrow...

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