Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6 Kitchen Reno

25 down, 15 to go...
Cloud White...after staring at it all day long I get snow-blind
Once again it's after 10:30 pm and I'm just sitting down, but at least today went without a hitch and was pretty relaxed compared to the last few days. I've painted 25 cabinet doors and drawers, and I have 15 more doors to go, including sanding and basically starting from scratch with those last 15. It's looking good, and it's so bright in the kitchen. I can't even notice the ugly black slate floor, which was always the first thing I saw in the kitchen. It was always so dark in there, with so few windows and the cabinets being such a dark brown stain. Add the black floor with the cabinets and the light was just sucked out of the room. Since changing the floor wasn't an option for me (I'm holding off for a few years on that major expense because the entire main floor needs updated flooring), it had to be the cabinets. And we are more than half way there!! Yay!
I can't wait until we get the counter tops on...the tile will be another weekend project and I'm getting antsy to get it finished before I begin watching kids.
On a different note, today was a day from HELL with the kids! Only one day into Winter Break and they were dangling from our last nerve! It all began at 7:30 with the kids fighting over a toy in the hallway. Seriously, I thought, on Saturday, my one day to sleep in until the baby woke? Which she did, of course, with them shouting in the hall. I hate school holidays. Unless one of them is at grandma's overnight.
That being said, we are shipping Brandon off to Mike's mom and dad's in Outlook Tuesday night, and we are heading down on Friday to stay the weekend and pick him up. Ahhh it will be bliss for those 4 days. I'll be able to get my work done and then some! Of  course I will miss him like crazy, which is good too as it will make us appreciate each other a bit more than we do at the moment.
I have my husband back after two weeks of him having his partner's phone forwarded to him while he and his wife were on vacation. Usually when his partner goes on holiday, Mike is a bit busier than normal but he can keep up. This time was more hectic, and it was hard watching him struggle with his and his partner's clients. I reminded him a few times how much he loves his career. And at the end of the day things always worked out. With his partner back now, Mike had a more relaxing day. It's too bad it was somewhat ruined with the kids' constant bickering. I sent him off to the hockey game tonight so he could have a bit of a break.
Now I'm sitting here, with Mike sleeping (snoring too) beside me, drinking tea, and I have the entire house to myself! I know I should go to bed but as soon as I close my eyes it's morning, and I have to do it all over again. So I'm trying to postpone that for as long as I can! I always love this time of my day, when it's quiet, and I can peek in on the little sh*ts, I mean sweethearts, and fall head over heels for them all over again. Until tomorrow anyways.

One more coat tomorrow and these babies are ready to hang.
 Good night everyone...I think I'll watch a bit of SNL and drink more tea!

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