Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mobile Blogging is the way it's gotta be...

After my laptop pooching on me while at Elk Ridge, I have been having Internet withdrawals. I need my computer! So with all my photographs sitting and waiting to be processed in my software I decided to share a quick update via my iphone, sans pictures!! Our holidays were great in July, with the lake memories already made all I had to do was expand on them with the addition of our trip to Waskesiu. And even with a day and a half of rainy drizzle getting in our way, we still had a fabulous time...a little bit of rain never slows me down. We used the indoor pool at the resort during a rainy afternoon and then visited with some company who came to see us in the evening...some being family who drove up to see us and friends of ours who we haven't seen for a while and were already at Waskesiu themselves! Lots of laughs were had and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end what could have been a long night. We took in the sights, walked the business loop(and spent some money), and played at the beach. We rented a nice pontoon boat but only enjoyed it for a half hour before we were absolutely pelted with rain. Mike made a hasty retreat out of the thundercloud only to have it stop as we got to the dock...typical!! And what trip to Waskesiu would be complete without a waffle cone and a whiskey slew t-shirt! We are already planning our next trip back and I'm looking forward to staying in the park this time, with thoughts of enjoying tea on a patio downtown overlooking the sunset on Waskesiu lake in my mind.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Stuck in the Middle of Packing and Re-packing...

Wow it's been so long since I've blogged and I can't believe it's been 17 days since I last posted!!
I'd been so busy getting groceries for our holiday and then suffering through the awful heat wave that hit us last Monday and Tuesday and so had no desire to blog.  At the lake I had internet service through my iPhone (yes I got an iPhone for my 32nd birthday on the 9th!) but it was expensive so I never used it.
And now here I am, after just getting back on Wednesday from the lake, re-packing our supplies for a trip to Waskesiu on Sunday.  I decided I better post about the goings on around here while I had some time to myself.

We rented a super awesome travel trailer for our week of holidays at Brightsand Lake.  I stated to others that even though I've been brought up at the lake my entire life, and I lived in St.Walburg for my high school years and graduated there, the week at the lake felt new to me due to us staying in our own trailer.  We had a place to go to in between visiting and playing at the beach.  It was great, and we were all sad when we had to go home.

We were parked alongside my cousin and her hubby and two kids.  Which meant late nights.  Every night.  We saw the sky lighten up a few nights as well and didn't roll into bed until 3 and 4 am.  
There was great weather, awesome fireworks, great food, and even better company.  I hope we can do that again next year.

I had ample oppoutunity to take some pictures of all the kids, with the exception of Brandon who was too busy running around with his cousins to sit still for any length of time.


Jacey and Cailie

Jacey is always a pleasure to photograph

We had a couple really smoky days

My Charlie-Barley


I'm looking forward to the next leg of our journey in the land of lakes, and so until then have a great weekend to you all!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Relaxation Looks Like, To Me:

An afternoon at the water's edge with Mike, the kids, peanuts and pistachios and some booze all under a beach umbrella is the absolute perfect place to be on a summer's day...sandy feet and all.