Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrapbook Corner

Here's this weeks layout for my digital loving friends!
I decided to post it early in the week as the rest of it will be spent finishing up the kitchen. We painted the rest of the doors this morning, and they will get a final touch up and inspection tonight. They should be on by Wednesday...and I'm looking forward to having the snack cupboard back behind closed doors! Out of sight, out of mind, and my kids have been sneaking snacks for two weeks now! You wouldn't believe the stash I found downstairs under the couch...empty wrappers and empty Tupperware dishes. Shame on you Brandon! :)
My arborite should be here this week, and then Mike will be busy making the countertop. We decided to wrap the tile up and onto the bay window sill ledge, as it's two feet deep and will add a bit of focal interest to the window area. Speaking of tile, it has pushed me over my budget, as I knew it would with the discontinued tile I had my eye on sold on me. I need 30 tiles, at $9.99 each, and therefore my budget stands at $595.68. That is still a great budget for a quickie kitchen reno, so I'm not being too hard on myself.

I suppose I'll have to get busy and scrap a layout for Jacelyn...I see I'm getting behind! We are loving our laptop more now than when we got it 6 months ago. It was so slow and it was very aggravating to us to get our work done at a snail's pace. I thought it may be the RAM, but being brand new it had 6 GB of free space. I finally called Sasktel, and yes, it was our old modem that needed replacing! Now our computer speed is faster than the norm for our area, and that's just fine with us. Now we can actually get projects done without cursing the day we bought the laptop.

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