Friday, May 3, 2013

Mobile Blogging...Another Sleepless Night

Here I am, laying here at 2:34 AM, watching YouTube videos and checking out the girls' dance website. Not sleeping and feeling quite awake. :)
Jacelyn did well at her first Edmonton dance festival. She and I drove up on Wednesday early afternoon and got home just before 10:30pm. She performed her Tap trio routine and received High Silver. She was very excited and loves every bit of the festival routine. The hair and makeup only take us an hour at the most, beginning with the hair curling and ending with the false eyelashes. The end result is always stunning and completely transforms her face. She has no nervous energy at all and likes to walk around before her practice times eating candy and "checking out the competion". She is very competitive but so far it has worked to her advantage and she hasn't gotten prissy in her attitude towards other dancers. Which is great as I am instilling in her good sportsmanship, and that encouragement towards fellow dancers will come back to her tenfold.
Next year she is adding yet more dance genres to her list, including Tap, Jazz, Variety, a Ballet Tech/Stretch class and she is dying to try a duet in Jazz as well.

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