Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mobile blogging: Ready to Hibernate

What better way to ignore the elements and outside stressors than to pull the covers up and hibernate?
Flooding basements, sewer backups, still more snow, renting a huge dumpster (so much money yet again), looming moving/house purging and that's not even problems at my house! No that's just dealing with causes at my mom's, whom we are trying to ready for moving. The driveway is inaccessible due to the entire thing being made of mud. So far everything is costing more and more money...of which no one has. I'm worried we won't have enough left after renting this and that and fixing things for others to pay for our own needs in two weeks. I still have the other half of my appliances to buy and here we are paying for yet another dumpster to haul more stuff away from my mom's.
Now a spring/winter storm is stopping me from easily moving around to move things; tracking mud into hallways in order to move things from house to house. My worry on top of it all is my joy at moving into our new house is pretty much gone. I haven't even wondered at what may be going on over there. I need a break.
Please, just let me hibernate until it all goes away.


  1. Hang in there friend. You can bring Charlie by to play so you can get things done. Hailey would love to show her all her tinker bell fairies.

  2. Ha Ha, thanks Jen! It all seems so dramatic after I purge. I suppose that's why I blog??
    No things are as frustrating as they sound and even though I'm not exaggerating I always do feel better at night and after a good cry. I have been doing that too much lately. Things are going better and we got mom some nice new couches off of Kijiji!! We got them moved in tonight, got an appointment made for her digital cable hookup, and made some new decisions. I feel better tonight and tomorrow I'm gone all day to Sherwood Park for competitions. Then one more day (Saturday) for competitions and Sunday the year end show. After that all we have left is mom's move in the next day and things will start to even out after that. I'm hoping we get in our house on the 15th, but I think the sub-contractors aren't getting there in time to have our keys on that date. That and the ground is too soft for any concrete garage floor. Lol I will be a happier camper in two weeks. Maybe then I will get to see you? :)