Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two More Sleeps

The van (Bessy to us) is as packed as she can get without stuff falling on the children. That's one thing we love about ol' Bessy: the seats fold into the floor and you can really cram a lot of your life inside. :)
I was tired of looking at loose things laying around: baskets full of mitts, laundry hampers full of folded linens and a few lamps. Plus it made me feel extra productive to load up. :)
Yesterday Jas ( my bestie who happens to work in a shop that outfits your windows) and I got to measure the windows for blinds. So of course we got to take some pics and she and I discussed where this and that will go; and also how I will inevitably end up changing my mind a few times more as well. It was fun. :) 
2 more sleeps. 
Everything is lined up. Cable guy is coming Saturday. Insurance and mail box ordered. Telephone number ready for hookup. Movers lined up for Friday. 
It's all good. :)

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