Friday, May 17, 2013


We are camping this weekend. 

In our rental house. 
On air mattresses. 

The insurance company (CMHC) had an appraisal done Tuesday and the report went back to the bank stating "95% complete".  Apparently they need it to be 98%.  And so it was as of yesterday.  The appraiser came back over.  And we are as of yet still waiting to hear back from CMHC what the state of completion was.  Therefore, the bank could not send papers to lawyer for us to sign. 

So no house keys. 

However, because our builder is a good guy, he let us keep our booked mover company appointment and we were able to unload into the house.  I will have to call the cable guy to cancel as well.  

It just means that we camp out until next week when we get keys.  It was bittersweet and some tears were shed but we will take a night or so in a hotel room for a bit of a holiday.  We have a roof over our heads and are together so that's all that counts.  Also wehave the   Internet and, therefore, we have Netflix. :)

Our camping spot. :)

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