Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we got our keys and were able to start the huge process of unpacking our lives into each room. What a task. I wasn't feeling well which made everything very tedious and I love to move...this is actually my favorite part! I did end up going to the doctor and he told me I really pulled a muscle under my left ribcage. Advil is what I was prescribed... and also no more unpacking. Haha I laughed at that as it's  really out of the question with Mike working so damn much this weekend. I did agree not to lift any more boxes or anything over my head. He also said it would get worse before it got better. I am believing him tonight. 
Other than that wrecking my fun, things are coming along. I am loving the butler's  pantry but then I knew we would. I can't stop wiping down the countertops or sweeping up the floors with my new wide  floor sweeper (thanks Hun). And I can't wait to be done unpacking so that I can dress up the house. 
Jas and Troy and the kids came over yesterday with an awesome "Home" sign and some flowers for the front stoop. My brother was also here to take a look at the house and his presence was welcomed too. :) 
Today mom, Jenine and Sonia also popped over. It was loud with our voices echoing off of the vaulted ceiling, and so I'm determined to finish unpacking soon so that our pictures can be put up to help muffle the noise. 
( my view from where I am typing up my post tonight)

Poor Charlie is ready to throw the towel in: she has been getting quite bored with me. I need to spend some more time with her so that she doesn't feel left out anymore. So tomorrow we are taking a break for a half a day to go to the park in the morning, followed by a shopping trip. 

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