Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mobile my Jammie's!!

We got the word that we will be moving into our new house in one week! 
You probably couldn't tell that I shouted that to you through my phone screen or that I'm grinning as I type this to you. But I was. :)
After a hellish week of getting mom ready and moved and a trip back to clean the house, we have settled her in very nicely to her swanky new place and stole back my boxes and tubs so that I can pack my stuff.
I spent the day today packing up the girls room and the kitchen drawers and leaving bare essentials to use for the week. Think one pen, three pencils, an eraser and a pad of paper. 
Tonight I got to spend an enjoyable evening with Charlie at her playschool while she gave me a makeover for an early Mother's Day surprise. We looked great. :)

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