Monday, December 3, 2012

House Build Post 9


The Front Entry is 6 feet wide and has this huge corner walk in closet at the end across from the garage door.
The view from the entry to the garden doors in the dining area.  Kitchen to the right.
Looking down the "L" shaped stairwell
Looking down the hallway to bedrooms: kitchen to the left and butler's pantry to the right. Vaulted ceiling.
Looking into the kitchen.

The house isn't overly huge by any means, and things will be tight in certain places, which forces me to furnish the space on a smaller scale and will allow us to use the family room in the basement more often.  For example we only have just over 9 feet of dining room space; and my table is 42" without chair room or my dining hutch factored in that number.    So it will be on the squishy side but it can be done; hopefully with minimal damage to my walls in the future.  But even knowing all of that I'm still so happy to have a new house that no one has lived in previously, so that I can truly call it our own!

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