Monday, November 26, 2012

Scrapbook Corner

I finally deleted my scrapbooking software today and bought/uploaded a different that is compatible with Windows 7, which my old one wasn't.
I'm fiddling around with it and learning more and more each time I try it out, but it will take a long time as I used my last software for 7 years.  I couldn't print my beloved 12x12 pages any longer, however, and it was starting to piss me off quite frankly.  I would also forget to randomly save my progress as well; after Windows 7 entered our lives my program would just quit in the middle of my work and I had to start saving as I worked a layout.  And I forgot to save every time.  I lost quite a few hours of my life to that frustration.
So today I said no more, after a frustrating weekend of trying to print out Christmas projects to no avail.
Here are some samples of what Polaroid's My Memories 4 2013 has to offer:

Happenings around here these last few weeks have been crazy.
Jacelyn had to get the back of her earring dug out of the back of her ear lobe at the ER: it was not a pleasant experience.  Now it will have to grow over and be re pierced at a later date.  I always have had to get after her in the past for squeezing the backs on too tight close to her ear lobe, and I guess she had to learn the hard way why.  That was Monday.  Also the day I discovered Jacelyn, who's been on medication since July for flat warts all over her pretty face, had to get more as well as an acid to dab on top of them to be more aggressive on the warts.  And Charlie is starting to get them too: flat warts are viral, therefore contagious, and hereditary.  Not so happy about it all but what can I do.  Charlie had to go on the same treatment; of which I haven't started yet due to the stomach bug currently dancing around the house.
That was Wednesday.  And Thursday.  And Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and now today, Monday.  After school it was all I could do to pull up to the curb outside the house before Brandon was bolting open the door of the van.  Ugh, gross.
Now my rock of a hubby announced he is doing not very well.  And he never, ever gets sick, and has never been physically ill in the 13 years we've been together.  Well tonight he's laying in bed, ice cream pail by his bedside.
Brandon is snoring on the couch.  The girls are tucked in their beds; having been the ones sick during last week and weekend they are fine now.
And me, I'm sipping my lovely tea, sitting among the bedridden now that I'm well, and alone, by myself, in the quiet.
I'm really hoping this bug doesn't make another go around in this house.

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