Friday, December 7, 2012

The Night George Didn't Go Home

George must mean business, because the evening that Jacelyn's stubbornness got the better of her, causing Charlie to follow suit, he never went home.
Instead, we found him in the morning at the computer with a letter he had written to Santa ready to be delivered to him the following night.

Jacelyn stared wide eyed at the letter, which consisted of all the great things going on in the house and also a smidgen of how Jacelyn needs to help out at home a bit more and be more courteous to her parents.  She said to me, "Mom, George means business!"  And I agreed.  She even went up to George and apologized  I chuckled to myself: I could have been the one she apologized to, and she sheepishly came over for a hug when I suggested this.  Ahh, children. :)

However, this morning Charlie ran out to see where George was, and there he was sitting at the piano with a tiny elf-sized song book full of Christmas carols.

Charlie and I finished making the Christmas snack she chose to make for her playschool friends: White Chocolate Marshmallow Snowmen.  She had so much fun, and she helped with the entire batch.  The Santa hot chocolate bags have crushed peppermint, marshmallows, and a chocolate dipped spoon for stirring inserted in the bottom.  They are for Jacelyn's class, and was not kid friendly at all.  I needed to funnel down each ingredient as the hot chocolate powder would stick to the bag, making the snow white marshmallow beard all dirty looking.  And I had to mash down the layer of marshmallow that followed the peppermint to create a barrier that the hot chocolate mix couldn't get past, or else it would filter through the peppermint mix and again look really messy.  It was a nice project to try, but one I most likely won't make again anytime soon.

As you can see they are both really cute though, and I'm positive all the kids will like them alot.  Brandon has chosen the White Chocolate Snowmen as well, and so he and I will get those done up soon.

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