Sunday, December 9, 2012

We Have Basement Stairs

We popped into the house to visualize our lighting and so on, and to get a feel for the kitchen layout now that the cabinets have been drawn out on the floor.  We giggled together as we stood in our imagined kitchen space, and I felt such a happy uplift as I gazed from my island into the butler's pantry.
And then Mike took my hand and led me to the basement opening and lifted the makeshift trapdoor.  I backed away, as I am deathly afraid of heights and couldn't imagine going down a ladder 10 feet.  I was hit with a wave of heat and a smile broke across my face: we had stairs.
The basement looks so big to me; the 9 foot ceiling height is amazing and I was shocked that an extra foot would be so much more spacious.
I can't wait to see more!  May (or June) can't come any faster for me.

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