Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goings On

I'm not so sure why George has been so naughty lately: maybe due to some naughtiness happening around here the last few days.  Until Jacey got her email from Santa, who said she was on the good list but had to work hard at not sulking or whining when she is upset.  That really perked her up alot.  
We woke up to quite the mess, although Charlie thinks he was just helping us decorate.

The next night called for a soothing marshmallow soak:

This morning he was hiding in the Christmas tree, all tucked and snug in between shiny branches.  I didn't get a picture of him; I'm not sure why other than I was tired and didn't think of it! :)
We had some company last night, and I had two extra girls to keep company.  So Mike took Brandon and my mom out to shop leaving just us girls at home.  
We had mini pedicures, complete with a soothing massage, and popcorn and a movie.  The girls all wore their pj's and were tired by the end of the night.

 Then today we went to Fame Dance Studios where Jacelyn and Charlie dance and had a great time watching the Festival, Professional, and Performance groups dance for us.  It was awesome, and I'm always blown away by the talent there.  I love the air of family and belonging; it is contagious there, and you can feel the positive energy in the room.

Unfortunately her shoes were in her bag stuck in the corner where alot of parents were standing and so she didn't have the courage to get by them to get her shoes.  She danced her Jazz and Tap numbers anyway.

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