Wednesday, December 5, 2012

George's Family

Finally we are beginning to understand this little elf and what he's about.  The kids were so excited to see what George's family looks like, and Jacelyn figures his dad must be the elf who is in charge of the Naughty and Nice list.
Funnily enough she didn't seem to remember that, as we had a pretty crappy day today after school right up until bedtime.  I hate days like today.  The drag on and no one listens and the sound level gets louder and louder until we have to shout to be heard.  Among the most frustrating moments of the evening were:
1.  Brandon took literally hours to finish his homework, as he has really mastered the art of procrastinating. 2.  Jacelyn refused to eat her supper as it looked "like puke", (Shepard's pie and it tasted great).  She wouldn't even try it before she had her mind made up she wasn't going to eat it.
3.  Which got Charlie going and repeating Jacelyn's nasty not-niceness.  However Charlie ended up eating the most.  Brandon ate some (there was onions in it and he couldn't pick around them so magically became "full" on about 7 bites).  Jacelyn had one bite and that was it.
4.  Then Jacelyn refused to dry the dishes I was washing.  She even went so far as to say she didn't want allowance if it meant she didn't have to do it.
This situation was spinning rapidly out of my control, and called for a call to Grandma.  Maybe she could talk with her, as I knew she had chores when she was young and while she and her sisters griped about them they still had to do them.  Jacey cried and lied some (to make me look bad and her like the true victim I'm sure), and then went and dried the dishes.
Good Lord, what a crappy night.  I'm so glad they are all in bed.
Needless to say, I think George, who took this all in I'm sure, will just be sitting on the mantle tonight, and will miss his trip back to Santa.

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