Monday, April 9, 2012

Nifty at Fifty

We celebrated Mom's 50th birthday today with cake and coffee and a visit from friends and family as well. I  decorated her up in all the things she'll need to make it through her fifties: a power operated push up bra, a hot flash fan, a hot flash thermometer, several swanky happy birthday necklaces, an over the hill button, and a huge new ear...the better to hear me with, my dear. I baked her her favorite cake, a 6 layer Italian Cream Cake full of coconut, coconut custard between the layers, and a pecan cream cheese frosting all over. It was really low fat...NOT.
She was surprised to see things set up for her, and the kids got a kick out of dressing up gramma. Thanks mom for being such a good sport!! 
Among her other great gifts we told her we got her a new bathroom vanity and will be updating her bathroom for her as well...what can I say, we are suckers for more renovations!!
Then we all went over to mom's for an Easter supper of ham, potato hashbrown casserole, and all the yummy rest. And more dessert.
 Mike and I both walked the treadmill tonight due to those two desserts.  
But they were so worth it.

getting blinged out
the lovely power push up bra...
the hot flash thermometer
getting pinned with the old lady button

the better to hear you with my dear...
the grand finale
Fifty is Nifty

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