Sunday, April 15, 2012

Furniture Shopping...not really fun with Kids.

With all the showings on the house this past week and gymnastics camp for Brandon we found ourselves in the city quite a bit with some extra time to kill. Besides stopping at Tim Horton's for coffee and timbits, we shopped around for furniture for the new house.
I have said before how we have always upgraded/fancied up the main living areas, and the kid's rooms tons of times without ever buying bedroom furniture for ourselves. Because really, all you do is sleep in the bedroom (among other pastimes :) ), and so who really cares what it looks like as long as it's functional. Well, I'm starting to care, and am getting tired of the thoughtful hand me down dressers we've had for too many years. And now it's time for momma to have a sanctuary of her own! And for Mike too. :)
So we looked all over the entire city, and we also still want to check out Battleford Furniture as well, as that's where we got some of our appliances and they have amazing deals there. But for the interim, we have found "the one".
Turns out that the bedroom furniture I fell in love with is the exact stuff our best friends have in their home! It was always in the back of my mind that I loved their bedroom suite, but I found it funny how I gravitated towards it months later, with tons of other furniture around me of the same sort. So if you don't mind too terribly you two, we may just end up not only being around the corner from you in the city but with the same bedroom as well! --And who says like minds don't find each other??
With that over and decided, and only months away from purchasing the suite as we are not moving our old stuff twice, we took a gander at new reclining furniture as well. I'd like to get rid of our 70's couch and loveseat in the basement, and put our current stuff down there. We looked all over the city in every store, and decided to go not only for quality but for durability.
Funnily enough the stuff we loved at La Z Boy was the exact picture I had saved months before when we first decided that we wanted new furniture. I didn't even know which store they came from...I just knew I wanted the new furniture to be streamlined and comfortable, not poufy and pillow-like as most leather furniture is. Blech.
Now that we know it's there and a regular stocked item, and that it takes 8-10 weeks to be delivered, we will wait until the new house gets closer to completion to order it.
As for the appliances, we know exactly what we want and need, and will order the same stuff that we have now...just in stainless steel.

I'm glad I have these few things ordered out in my mind, and it makes me feel a bit in control of a part of this new adventure we are undertaking...because all I can do now is hold on and ride it out!

Hunting for the furniture was not the issue this past week since we knew what we were looking was taking the children with us. All of them.
Usually I like to leave one or two behind. You know, for sanity. As the saying goes..."You can dress them up, but you can't take them out!"
And, of course, it rained, was raining, and it was muddy. Oh lord, here we go, I thought.
Ok, with the kids, when we go out among other human beings, we do three things:
1. Turn off the ignition, turn around, and lecture about proper in-store behavior.
2. Threaten/bribe about said behavior and etiquette...usually involving taking away/graciously giving timbit time.
3. Plead/lecture one more time, adding a stern "I MEAN it" as we walk up to the doors with a smile so that store clerks can't read our lips.

It may sound like overkill, but while our kids aren't monsters (kids will be kids), I know that they need reminding of these rules each and every time we go out in public. I wish it weren't this way, but it is and so we deal with it!
In the first store they went a bit nuts; it must have been the smell of all that expensive clean leather. Thankfully, they pulled in a bit to heed our whispered, "take off your shoes!!!"  They did, and then we let them roam around, trying out all the furniture until their hearts were content.
And really, they weren't that bad, or whiny. They remembered to take off their shoes, and the two oldest didn't even fight...too much.
But by the end of the afternoon I was frazzled enough to remember that, next time, we will pick a time when Mike and I can shop for furniture completely alone.

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