Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awesome Show!

Last night the April Wine show was amazing. Great vocals (one of the few live shows I've heard where the band still sounds the same), great guitar riffs and the music was loud loud loud. Mom and I were in great seats; we were eye level with the band and that was awesome.
When they first started playing I was a bit pissed off that the lead singer didn't seem to be there. Another band member was singing, and I knew him to not be the singer of the song. Of course I couldn't say this to mom without screaming and so held my tongue. That's about when I realized the lead singer had so much facial hair that he wasn't recognizable to me! Once he started singing I really began to enjoy myself; hearing loss forgotten.
One thing I mentioned to mom on the way home was how, while I absolutely love the ballads, these guys shine when they rock. On top of it all, the concert was even more fun with the added surprise of laughing so much at the band's wit. They were so funny. In fact, to the delight of the Newfies in the audience, with the lead singer a Newfie himself,  the night started off with ear-splitting applause and the reaction at the mike was, "Lord tunderin' Jesus!"

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