Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can we Cram it all in??

We are one step closer to our goal...we have been watching the rental market in the city for a little while, as it is really tight.  We stumbled on a nice little rental house last night, and contacted the owner to have a look.  Surprisingly, it was owned by a friend of ours, and she currently lives in it herself, but is planning on moving into her boyfriend's house soon.  We had a look at it, mostly to see if we thought we could fit half our stuff in it...and decided it would be just perfect for the 10 months we will need it.  You see, our objective is to make our transition as stress free as possible.  We are working on selling our house for the end of June, and then renting in the city (Lloyd) while we have a house built (hang on...didn't I say stress free??).  We know just what we want, and even have most of the little details worked out, so we can't wait to start the building.

Back to the rental...It is a very cute 850 sq ft home with two bedrooms on the main level (one for us and one for the girls to share), and the basement is fully finished with a nice family room, soon to be toy room, and extra bedroom for Brandon, with a bathroom as well.  We will definitely have to store a lot of our stuff in the storage room, shed and storage locker I'm sure, as there is no garage with this house.  We really do like it though, and are very glad that one more stress is gone!  We have it rented for the 1st of June...so will have a few weeks to move in as well.

I told you it was cute!  The kids will love that it is also less than a block from a playground, convenience store AND the movie theatre!  We currently have 1600 sq ft on ONE level, basement and garage where we are now, so we will definitely have to downsize with this move!  First on the list is a kitchen table...ours will definitely NOT fit in this one!  We will just be watching kijiji and the restore for a smaller second hand one closer to the move in date.

Hopefully in a few weeks we can sit down with the builder we want to work out some details so I can be better prepared and a little less nervous about the whole process.  Mike isn't worried at all, so maybe I shouldn't be either!

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