Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter...I know, I know, that was LAME.

the hunt is on!

the first one spotted!

the big kids searched high while the little one searched low

Uhmmmmm, no...

on to the outside where the Bunny hides the dyed eggs

funny how they only search for the ones they dyed...

Charlie was right into it and cried when it was over...until I told her she could eat all she wanted on this one and only special day. That put a smile on her face...although she only had a few pieces. :)

I can see the two bright eggs these two walked right past, can you??

Charlie found one last egg until.............

.............."Dad I found anoder one, yay!"...............

........."Uh, no, just a rock!"

All done!

The Loot

Not only is Easter special because of the actual day, but the smile that it brings to the kids is almost better than Christmas. It is just that infectious. The Bunny left "real" bunnies for the girls that hop around and make sniffing noises, and buddy boy got a Hero Factory Lego guy to build, and a few Easter themed movies as well. It was a cold windy day, but that didn't keep them and their cousins inside for long, although they did come in to warm up a few times. They play so good together anyways so I don't think they felt the cold at all! It was a great day, and I hope you all had one too!

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