Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Going to April Wine...Ooooo, Tonight...Everything will be Alright...Oowatanite

Ok, so you gotta love April Wine to know what "Oowatanite" means, but if you are a true April Wine fan, as I myself most definitely am, then "Oowatanite" is what I'll be having tonight when I sit center stage to see April Wine. Love the group, love the music, and I'm really looking forward to hearing them live. I wanted to brush up on my knowledge of their tracks, and wow I am excited to say I'll probably know every song. Does that make me a geek? I don't know...thanks dad, anyways, for introducing me to this awesome band. I still remember him taking me for a rip down the street after the new stereo was installed in the Blue Bomb, and hearing those train alarms clanging at the beginning of "Oowatanite". I must have been 9. Wish you were here to see them, too.

Here are some fact for the music geeks out there:
April Wine formed in late 1969 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but vocalist/guitarist Myles Goodwyn, guitarist David Henman, drummer Ritchie Henman and bassist Jimmy Henman soon moved to Montreal. "Fast Train," their first hit, appeared in 1971, the same year as the self-titled debut album. Jimmy Henman left soon after and was replaced by Jimmy Clench. The next year brought the band's first Canadian number one single, "You Could Have Been a Lady," from On Record. David and Ritchie Henman left before the next album, Electric Jewels, could be recorded; they were replaced by Jerry Mercer and Gary Moffet. After April Wine Live (1974) and Stand Back (1975), Steve Lang replaced Clench, who left to join Bachman-Turner Overdrive and later Loverboy. In 1976, The Whole World's Goin' Crazy became the first Canadian album to go platinum and their resulting tour was the first to gross one million dollars. Forever for Now appeared in 1976, followed by April Wine Live at the El Mocambo in 1977. Guitarist Brian Greenway was added that same year, making the band a sextet. After 1978's First Glance and 1979's Harder...Faster, "Just Between You and Me" became April Wine's biggest U.S. hit. The single (one of three Top 40 American singles by the band) propelled 1981's Nature of the Beast to platinum-record status. Power Play followed in 1982, and 1984's Animal Grace was their last album. Myles Goodwyn recorded his first self titled solo album in 1988. Four years later, all the original members joined for a Canadian tour, which convinced them to resume recording. "If You Believe in Me," the band's first single in eight years, was followed by 1993's Attitude.

And here are two videos for the geeks as well, or just for those of you who love the amazing vocals of this great Canadian band.
These two songs have got to be two of my favorites, although it is really hard to choose.
Enjoy!! :)

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