Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

It was a nice day for trick or treating, and Charlie was chomping at the bit all day, ready to go as soon as Jacey got home from school.

Brandon was up at the emerg in Lloydminster on Sunday night due to a bad throat infection, and had to miss school yesterday and for the next few days as well. He's feeling quite rough, and kept to himself for most of the day. I had to keep on him to get him keep drinking fluids though the day, as he has absolutely no appetite and a bad cold to boot and so is plugged up. He really must have been feeling sick as he didn't even want to go to his Halloween party at school, or trick or treating.

You can actually see how swollen Brandon's neck is in this shot...poor guy, my heart aches for him; he's so sore.
Jacey and Charlie made up for their brother missing out on the fun, and got lots of candy for him for when he feels better. They went all over our area of town until five, and we came home to dump out their full bags and have supper. Then we went back out at six and went to a few friend's places and then came home around seven. It was a good night, and a bit spooky with the last stop being the town's local "haunted house" for some treats and scares.

Look at all the loot! Every year we get a recycled shopping bag full of chips. We give them out the following year and the candy lasts until next Halloween.

I'm looking at an inch of snow laying on the ground this morning, and I'm hoping the sun will melt it and dry it off enough to put everything away! Brandon looks no better this morning, and so will be home for a few more days, at least until his meds really kick in and he gets some food into him. Poor guy. :(

Maidstone's Oldest Home...therefore it MUST be haunted..according to the children in town. I guess the broken windows and filmy curtains give way to that impression.

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