Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Full ER and an IV

Last night after posting an update to my blog, we got looking at Brandon and discovered his rash had gotten worse in the three hours since we had taken a picture of his back.
5:30 pm November 7
9:30 pm November 7
So we made the decision to go back into Lloyd to the emergency to see what could be done. Also noticable was a swelling in his face and ears. Not a good sign. He didn't want to go, and for a good reason. They admitted him and started an IV just after midnight.

12:30 am November 8

I talked with Mike a bit, who took him in, before falling asleep around 1:00 am. He was on a steroid/benadryl combination and all we could do was wait. I fitfully slept on and off, and texted around 5:30 this morning. The rash was down and the doctor was going to give it another few hours before letting them go.
5:30 am November8
You can see the difference in the picture above...he looks so much better. His ears were sticking out before due to the swelling but they look normal to me now. What an ordeal to go through for a fairly simple bout of Tonsillitis...we've all had it once or twice in our lifetime! I will never again underestimate a rash when taking new medicine, and we should always trust our instincts...even if you are worried you are being a worry-wart.
I cant wait for them to get home safe and in their own beds.


  1. God, I remember our kids and their various health issues! Nothing worse than a sick kid, especially when you don't know what is wrong. But, they are tough and seem to get through it better than the adults...

  2. WOW... poor little man... can't believe that rash... haven't seen one that bad. Give him hugs from me... wish i was there to nurse him back to health :)