Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Well I've started crafting a few things for Christmas to keep myself busy when I wasn't feeling the best this last week. The kids and I made an advent calendar from a kit I picked up at a scrapbooking store, and I filled it full of secret surprises and advent activities to do each day of December, such as go ice skating, and make popcorn and watch 'Home Alone'. It turned out great and was easy to make, and the kids had a good time doing it.

I dug out my hand painted houses so that I could clear coat them all, something I should have done years 13 years ago when I first started painting them. I used to have more but over the years some have broken, and some I painted as gifts. Now they don't sell them in stores and so they are hard to find. I had two kicking around and painted them up to add to the collection. I hope they last for years and will be a part of our traditional decorating every year.

I love Christmas greenery and so added some to a vase that Dad and Sam sent to me from Nova Scotia. I had some bits left over from the wreaths I made to hang outside. They are made from two embroidery hoops wrapped in cheap plastic pine garland, and then I shoved one through the other. I secured the top and bottom with wire, then embellished them with berry picks and other greenery, and a flameless candle too. They turned out cute and I really like them.

This little snowman is sitting on some words of advice.

I haven't decorated the rest of the house yet as it's too early, but it's never to early to get into the swing of things as far as I'm concerned! After this weekend is over and I've gone to the Craft Show in the city I'm sure I'll be full of Christmas Spirit and the house will come alive with Christmas sights and smell.

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