Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four cussings and a Funeral

I'm attending a funeral today.
Oh no's really no one any of you know.
Today was the last day I will ever lay eyes on my H2O Mop again. And this time I mean it.
In the history of the worst present ever, this one takes the cake. Not because I got it, no, I even asked the hubby for it. I really wanted one during my environmental kick and so he bought me one.
It didn't take long for the excitement to wear off.
The H2O Mop uses steam to clean, and you put on these terry cloth pads and tighten them with a toggle to the bottom of the mop. Easy enough, and it is user friendly too.

Then you start to push it around, and you realize, hey, this is pretty hard to push, but it's ok...I'm killing all the germs on my floor!
Ok, now is the right time to wonder if this mop is a gimmick or is it for real. Because, the steam actually only comes out for 3 or 4 seconds before the pad is drenched. Try mopping with that! Nope, it doesn't only will leave these huge bubbly-streaky lines all over the laminate floors. And am I really killing germs with only one puff of steam every few minutes? Probably not. I'm sure I was just pushing them around.
After the living room is finished, I then need to replace the soaked pad with another one. I do this THREE times. And seriously by now my arms are like jello because the effort of pushing it across the floor is back breaking.
I used it in vain for months because I was in denial, and I was too proud to go back on my new environmental outlook on a chemical-free life.
Today, or rather now as I type, it is sitting in the garage. Waiting for it's trip to the dump.

Bring on the Lysol...I miss my lemon-y smelling house.

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  1. Good to know. I've often thought of getting one of those, not that my old bee-mop-type-thing is any better germ wise.