Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Attempt at a Family Photo

I bit the bullet yesterday and set up my tripod and camera. Reason: I wanted a nice holiday photo of the kids without paying for it at a studio. What can I say..I'm lazy and a bit cheap about that, and I feel guilty considering I used to be the one taking the pictures at Sears Portrait Studio.
That being said, I decked out the fireplace in full holiday regalia, and these were the shots I came up with. Thankfully Mike rescued me after the 10th attempt at getting Jacelyn to sit still and Charlie to look at the camera. I deleted the hilarious ones before thinking I was going to post about it.
Here's what I got:

These two were the practice runs I tried out in the morning

Then I tried my hand at taking the kid's pictures in the evening:

Then, since it was over fairly fast, we sat in with the kids and I put the camera on a continuous setting that took 5 pictures in two seconds:

That over and done with, this morning I picked the best out of the bunch and this is what your gonna get for your fridge:

After seeing the last Twilight movie "Breaking Dawn", I'm not going to leave much of a review because my friend Melissa will just laugh at me. So I'll just say that I liked it alright. :)


  1. Lol! I would never laugh at you!

    I take it you didn't (almost) have to excuse yourself from the theater for laughing too hard (at the wrong times)? At least we both had a fantastic time though, right? There's nothing like a girls night out to the latest Twilight movie.

    I might not love the movies for the right reasons, but I have to admit that I like the books.


    I love the books. I've read them more than once. Okay, more than twice. That Stephanie Meyer is no Jane Austen but boy, can she write a love story.

    Now post your review! I promise I won't laugh.

    P.S. Your pictures are fantastic!

  2. LOL! Well as for leaving a review there isn't much to say...I'm sure I laughed at the same parts you did, Melissa...what was up with the wolves? Some things are better left in words rather than on the big screen!!

  3. The wolves! I know! My sister-in-law said they could cut and paste that entire scene into a Breaking Dawn spoof and they wouldn't have to change a thing. It had the feel of a retro cartoon to me. The voices were very Transformer-ish circa the 1980's.