Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Maintenance

I discovered that Google, the maker of Blogspot, has a picture sharing site called "Picasa". Apparently all the blogspot owners share into this Picasa site, and I didn't want it and so deleted it.
In doing that, I unwittingly deleted the pictures from my Crazy Housewife blog also, as I didn't know they were connected! When my Picasa file storage is full, I am unable to put pictures on my blog...this really annoys me and I obviously can't delete the pictures when it's full as the blog will bugger up again.
I sent a message asking if I could restore my blog and the answer is no; once the pictures are gone they are gone.
I am so upset, and will be re arranging the blog, but I still feel like a part of the last three years has been wasted. I'll figure it out eventually!

I have lit my candle for Auntie Pam for the eighth year this morning...I let it burn all day for her, even though her soul is at rest and with Uncle James now. But it brings me comfort to light it anyways.

My Memory Library

© Sarah Blackstone
Imagine if I was given one moment,
just a single slice of my past.
I could hold it close forever,
and that moment would always last.

I'd put the moment in a safe,
within my hearts abode.
I could open it when I wanted,
and only I would know the code.

I could choose a time of laughing,
a time of happiness and fun.
I could choose a time that tried me,
through everything I've done.

I sat and thought about what moment,
would always make me smile.
One that would always push me,
to walk that extra mile.

If I'm feeling sad and low,
if I'm struggling with what to do.
I can go and open my little safe,
and watch my moment through.

There are moments I can think of,
that would lift my spirits every time.
The moments when you picked me up,
when the road was hard to climb.
For me to only pick one moment,
to cherish, save and keep,
Is proving really difficult,
as I've gathered up a heap!

I've dug deep inside my heart,
found the safe and looked inside,
there was room for lots of moments,
in fact hundreds if I tried.

I'm building my own little library,
embedded in my heart,
for all the moments spent with you,
before you had to part.

I can open it up whenever I like,
pick a moment and watch it through,
My little library acts as a promise,
I'll never ever forget you.

Not only am I thinking of Pam, but of Rory, Nicole and Daina as well. Love you all.

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