Friday, September 30, 2011

Scrapbook Corner

Tomorrow we are off to Smoky Lake to their 23rd annual Pumpkin Festival.
It will be a blast, and totally for the kids, although I'm looking forward to taking pics of the kids in amongst the pumpkins and scarecrows. This town is the size of Maidstone and supposedly the pumpkin capital of Alberta. I'll report back to you on that when we get back! We are taking mom as well, and staying overnight in Sherwood Park that night in a hotel beside Costco, where we will get groceries the next day and show my mom, a newbie to Costco, just how much fun it is to shop there.
I've been searching the net for some low fat options to add to our traditional Thanksgiving feast, as most of the things we eat during holidays are 98% tradition and 100% fattening. I'd like to add a few new dishes that we can make a tradition as well, and in doing so I'll feel like I added my contribution to my kid's and grand kid's healthy future. As my mother-in-law's doctor used to say, "We don't need any more fat Dewing's!" When I find a few, I'll post them post-turkey if they are yummy. Likewise, if you have a great low fat recipe that's tried and true, send it my way and I'll make it and post it on the blog as well!

Here's my layout this week, one of 7 that I got finished (yay!) and now I'm just about caught up. I've got to run now and get my ham going, so have a great weekend!
papers and elements: 2ps in a bucket
word art: dsp