Friday, September 23, 2011

A Photographer's Dream

Yesterday I did it.
I took the money I have been saving for six months and went to the city to buy my dream camera.
Except they were sold out.
So I went a step up in the Canon family...more like 4 steps up, as the sale was fantastic.
I spent more on one camera than I do on Christmas presents. For the entire family.
I felt so guilty on the way home, and then gave myself a lecture on it. I earned the money, was saving for this exact moment, and I was ruining it with my usual care for what other people would think or say...what can I say I'm very neurotic.
So I settled in with my boxes and manuals and immersed myself in the daunting task of actually learning how to run the thing. Honestly I was scared to touch it.
This is what I got:
A Canon T3i. It came with the nifty lens you see above, a strap, software, manuals, and a battery. That took up half of my earned moola.
The rest of it went to the accessories that I wanted to go along with it:
-a tripod
-a telephoto/zoom lens (a deal with the camera that took off 150.00 bucks and those who know cameras know the cost of lenses...stupid crazy!)
- a bag that included a filter for my lens and an extra battery
- an SD card
- a huge flash for the top of the camera
All of that was just as much as the camera.
But I have to say I love it. It's an investment that will last us for a very long time. I'm very excited to begin snapping pictures and learn the ins and outs of the camera.
There are way too many functions to list for you what it does but here a few of my favorites:
-it takes videos in HD
-the lcd screen at the back flips out, flips over for viewing from the front, and flips back in on itself so u can see the screen. I like using the eyepiece rather that the lcd for viewing as it focuses faster.
-I can take 4 pictures per second if I want to.
-I can take pieces of video and save them for pictures. This was the selling feature for me, as we take alot of videos and I hate flipping from video to camera as I can't during recording. For example at Jacelyn's dance recital I couldn't stop recording mid dance to take a still photo of her on stage, which was disappointing for me. Now I can take whatever piece of video I want for any photo I want. Love that feature.
I've been considering taking in a few photography courses and seminars in Lloydminster and had to wait until  I had the appropriate gear. Now that I have my gear I will study the camera and someday will take one in! The information I learn could help me decide if I want to take my hobby further and do family portraits.
Here are some pictures I took last night when I was playing around with my settings.
love the softness...hate the glare..will have to remember to watch for that before snapping

my heart melts at this one

grainy artistic classic b/w

toy photo setting...kinda neat but the colors are cool rather than warm I think

Jimmy is a good subject.

too much brightness but love the shot anyways..can be fixed with photo editing 

He's so photogenic my boy is. :)