Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catching me some Flies

My house is infested with fruit flies.
I put on my make up...the fruit flies are there.
I bend over to clean toilets...the fruit flies are there too.
When I sit down to have my fruit cup, you can bet the fruit flies are there also.
I sat down to look it up online yesterday afternoon, as I can't understand why they are so bad in the house right now. We eat a lot of fruit here, and I can only assume they came into the house on the fruit. My counters are always cleaned with disinfectant, my floors are clean of spills, and the flies make me feel like it is dirty in here or that I'm a horrible house cleaner. However, at any given time there are bananas and melons ripening on the counter.
The site I was on said that after bananas are ripe they can go into the fridge. This made me wonder as I have never heard of that before. I have heard of wrapping bananas in a plastic bag, but when we tried that they only ripened too fast, and the peels all but fell apart when we tried to open them. This morning, after being in the fridge for 24 hours, the bananas still looked the same as they did the day before, not black like I thought they would. And it was kind of neat to eat a cold banana for a change. So maybe I will do that more often...we all know how the flies love ripe bananas.
The site said to get a gallon jar and fill it with ripe fruit and red wine vinegar, or cider vinegar. So I did, and within the hour had caught 7. They fly into the holes in the saran wrap and are too stupid to get back out. Then they drown. I added a good squeeze of maple syrup in there too...they love it. This afternoon I lost count of how many were in there, some flying around, most dead.

I put the jar over by my ripening melons that I bought yesterday..my pears are still in the fridge as I'm too worried that if I bring them out I will have another outbreak (they multiply so fast). That did the trick, and I haven't seen any fly by my face all day!