Friday, September 16, 2011

Scrapbook Corner

papers: may-be by polka dot pixels @ 2 ps
elements: may-be by polka dot pixels @ 2ps, your day to shine @ 2ps, just be alphas @ 2ps, pink a dot and desert camo alpha @ fds, just be words(dianne rigdon @2ps), date stamp by kpertiet @design digitals

I'm all by myself.
Totally alone; the house is quiet and still.
I'm listening to Sarah Harmer and Gordon Lightfoot, drinking wine, and scrapbooking.
I almost feel guilty, and glance up from my screen once in a while as if I've got my hand in the cookie jar.
I just might do this until midnight. Or later. Mike's not here to drag me out of bed in the morning so why not?
Ahhh. Wine is good. Life is good.
I've just made a decision: I'm going to have that other glass of wine I almost talked myself out of, paint my toes, and scrap another page or two. And hum along with Mr. Lightfoot: "Rainy day people always seem to know when you're feeling blue...". What a great song.