Friday, December 9, 2011

The Good Lovelies

Mike and I are excited to be going to one of my favorite Canadian Folk bands this weekend at Vic Juba Theater. "The Good Lovelies" caught my attention when I first heard them a few years ago on CBC radio. Back then I was getting into great Canadian music and learning a lot about our Canadian folk roots...we have some amazing talent in our country! Sarah Harmer was just exploding back into the folk scene, and one of the new groups hot on her heels was The Good Lovelies.
When I found out they were coming to Vic Juba I was ecstatic...they are reminiscent of The Andrews Sisters, who are from Bing Crosby's day, and they are witty and funny on stage, oftentimes switching instruments during a song without missing a beat.
On Saturday Mike and I will be almost up front and center, and I can't wait.

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