Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 Calling Birds

Last night was Brandon's tenth birthday...we've officially hit the double digits, and I officially feel old. Probably because I remember being 10, and my mom was old to me even though she was a younger mother than I was by three years.

We got him a Nintendo 3DS and a few games, and as you can see it was a big hit. Mike picked up an ice cream cake for him and we all had a piece before heading out to Jacelyn's Christmas concert.

Today Mike made Brandon's party cake for him and even while he cursed the fondant (he hates working with fondant) it turned out cute, and Brandon will love it. And while he did that, I decorated the Spiced Holiday Sugar Cookies the kids and I made so that Santa will have a prime choice of cookies on Christmas Eve.

With only four days left until Christmas I can now say we are finished preparations and are as ready as we will ever be. Tomorrow is Brandon's birthday party with his friends at the bowling alley, and it's his first night time party. He's excited to go Glow-Bowling, and we've made up 15 goodie bags...I have no idea how many I'll really need as only four have called to RSVP. It will be a mystery until tomorrow night!

Spiced Holiday Sugar Cookies
2 1/3 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp salt 
1/4 tsp ginger
1 1/4 cup sugar
1 cup softened unsalted butter
1 egg 2 tsp pure vanilla

1. Cream butter and sugar till fluffy and white. Add egg and vanilla. 
2. Mix rest of dry ingredients in bowl and slowly add to creamed mixture; mix till combined.
3. Chill dough 4 hours or overnight.
4. Roll out to 1/4 inch, cut out shapes and bake at 375 for 8 minutes. Ice when cooled.

These are a yummy take on sugar cookies...they almost taste a bit egg-noggy and the kids love them. Enjoy!

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