Thursday, October 6, 2011

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Well, during my on-line hunts for some healthy Thanksgiving meal ideas I jotted down ideas as I went along.
This is what we came up with for a menu for Sunday:
Traeger Turkey: we are brining and then smoking our turkey on our Traeger grill, with apple wood chips...a very healthy alternative to a pre stuffed, butter ball turkey. The trick though is to completely rinse and pat the turkey dry before rubbing it with a bit of vegetable oil. If not, the sodium content will be too high, effectively ruining the healthy idea of eating a preservative free bird.
Mustard glazed Ham.
Slow cooker stuffing.
Green Bean Casserole.
Grandpa's Cucumber Salad.
Herbed Mashed Potatoes...made with chicken stock rather than butter and half and half. I actually cook the potatoes in the stock rather than water for more flavor. Then we always add a touch of nutmeg to the mashed.
Honey Carrot and Turnip Veggies...honey is a healthier alternative to brown sugar and you need less of it also..a tsp or two is all you need to sweeten those turnips.
Fat free fruit cocktail jello mold. Hubby likes this one as do the kids.
Homemade canned and pickled Beets..spiced with cloves and allspice.
Cranberry Chutney
...and of course Pumpkin Pie. Couldn't get away from that one, but I did get light whipped cream.
I'm looking forward to supper, and we will have a houseful as well...16 people are expected to sit around the table!
And with the turkey on the Traeger outside, and the slow cooker and roaster oven going in the garage, the house won't heat up like it usually would during holidays.

Here is a layout I worked on this week, too.
In case I don't post between now and then, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

This layout is of Jimmy and Jacelyn.

It brought to mind that all of the cats we've had since we've had kids have had their pictures scrapped with Jacey!! I dug in my archives and found them.

Maybe she will be a veterinarian.