Saturday, October 15, 2011

Enter...If You Dare!

 This morning we took a few hours and turned the front yard into our graveyard.
This year we added a coffin that Mike made for our ghoul, who pops up with a scream when people walk by..I can't wait to try that out on Halloween.
 We don't turn anything on from the time we decorate until a few days before Halloween, but I like to have the yard decorated so that the kids know to go to the "Haunted House".
 We also added "The Crypt Keeper", who is hiding behind a tombstone and lifts it up when kids walk by, urging them to 'step into my graaaave'. That one, and the guy in the coffin, are my new favorites.
 I like Halloween decorating, while Mike loves the Christmas scenes. I like Christmas too, but Halloween is more fun for me, and I hide in the window, eagerly waiting for the kids to walk up to the house.
 I put up some small strobe lights by the front door also, which are on a sensor switch, and they flash and play scary music and creepy laughter when the kids walk up the front steps.
We have a mini strobe light that will sit in the graveyard with the fog machine, and with a few strategically placed red flood lights the yard will be a creepy place to walk through on Halloween night.
I'll definitely have to take some pictures and a video on Halloween, with the fog rolling and the cackling laughter scaring the neighborhood kids.
It might be too scary for me!

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