Friday, October 21, 2011

Scrapbook Corner

I have been cleaning up the laptop, as my hard drive was nearly full. I began with looking to see how many gigabytes each file I had saved in my C drive was. The biggest files taking up the most room were my music file, which is...get this...35 GB! Wow I was shocked when I saw that. To put it in perspective, my C drive has 116 GB of room, and 35 of them were being used by music files. That's a lot of tunes!! I forsee myself purchasing an Ipod in the future and putting my favorites on it and getting rid of the rest.
The other big files were "My Pictures", which I'm not even sure how big it initially was as I didn't think to look right off the bat, and my digital files for scrap booking. The pictures were an easy fix, and I spent a few hours organizing and saving them to discs before removing everything from 2003 to 2009 from the laptop. That freed up about 8 GB of space. Funnily enough, 6 years of pictures were 8 GB. My 2011 picture file, and remember that 2011 isn't over yet, is 8.6 GB!!! The new camera is the culprit, as the size of each picture can reach  upwards to 7 MB per picture, with pixels 5 times the size of my other digital pictures from the past. I have changed the setting on the camera already and the files will be smaller from now on. But the key to my picture taking from now on will have to be: take 10 pictures to get a few good ones, and delete everything that's unnecessary. That's hard for me as it jabs me in the heart when I 'throw away' memories of the kids...but, as any parent knows, I can't keep everything or else I'd have boxes and boxes full of returned tests, painted pictures, and school work sheets.
So, long story short, we're slowly weeding out what we don't need on the laptop and having fun going through files and pictures that we haven't seen for years.
I decided to post a few layouts so that I can get rid of the file as it's been saved to a disc and I don't need to keep it any longer!
The above layout is for Sheena and Dan, who are settling into their new life together. Congrats.

The layouts were done without me writing down where to give credit to the designers of the digital kits, and some kits have since been cleaned up out of my files, so I can't list where my elements have come from! I can safely say that most, if not all, have come from different designers from 2 Peas in a Bucket, as that's my favorite online scrap booking store. However, let me say: Sorry to any designers who may come across my blog, and thank you for sharing your talents with us digi-scrappers!
My scrapbooks are now up to date, and I always have enough memories to scrap from each month as there are usually over 100 pictures to choose from in any given month.
       What a crazy obsession I have, but it's so fun and I truly, truly love it.

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