Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Going to Elton John!?!

Yes, I am going to Elton John! I can hardly believe it, but it's so true...Mike put the tickets in my hand last night. I'm still in shock.
I've never been to a concert ever in my life, unless you count the Wiggles, which I have been to twice.
Anyone who knows me knows how in love I am with Elton John, and in fact I mimic his piano playing style and have since I was a young teenager. He is my idol in every sense of the word!
I have already promised Mike I would try really hard not to embarrass him by:
1. crying
2. screaming
3. calling out "I love you Elton!"
4. crying
5. yelling for him to play 'Yellow Brick Road' even though I KNOW he will.

Just in case I will wear waterproof truth I am crying right now just thinking about seeing his toothy grin...and I will see it, as our seats are RIGHT BY THE STAGE!
I got these tickets last night when I was watching American Idol, and it was Elton John week. Mike had just gotten home from a friends' place when I mentioned to him how I hoped the contestants were hopefully not going to butcher Elton's amazing songs. He said, "I just have to run out to the truck for a minute" and came back in with an envelope. He asked me what I thought of these and handed it to me. I assumed it was a gift card from his partner, as we have received many from him. I stared at the tickets in disbelief, as the concert sold out months ago in 4 minutes and I had given up my halfhearted search on kijiji for any available tickets (at 250 a pop I wasn't going to even ask Mike if we could go). I guess he had bought them on kijiji last week as a surprise for our anniversary in May (11 years, thank you!). I gotta say I cried, the ugly kind of cry with big tears and make up everywhere kind. And, because he loves me, he just smiled at me and wiped my tears and gave me a kiss.
Thank you, honey.

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