Friday, April 1, 2011

Snowmen and bunny rabbits

The morning in our house started off like this:
"Mom!" Brandon yelled as he was pounding up the stairs. "I'm sorry but I wet the bed as I was waking up!" I stared at him for a second and then I half-shouted "What??" He repeated what he said, and apologized again, but this time I spotted a twinkle in his eye. "No you didn't, it's April Fool's Day today. HA ha!"  Then I felt bad, because he obviously thought I was going to lose it, but instead I wrecked his joke. His grin faded that fast. I grabbed him in a hug and said good one...he got me for a few seconds, at least.
I watched Noah and Olivia today, and the day went by fast since Jacelyn was here to keep Olivia busy...I didn't see the girls for most of the morning, as they were busy in Jacey's room.
This afternoon, under the bright sun, we watched our poor snowman fall apart. Charlie was pretty upset, and wanted to go out to 'make again, mommy!'  I was meeting Mike in the city with Brandon to go see "Hop" at the theater, so my sister Jenine went out with the girls and helped Charlie pat some more snow on his decapitated body.
The movie was alright, and the theater was packed full of little people and big people. I was slightly distracted with the extra noise in the theater; popcorn bags rattling, kids fussing, and parents taking their kids up and down the aisles for bathroom breaks.
There were a few good funny parts, and it was a good kid's movie. Props go out to my hubby, who didn't fall asleep for once at the movies.
Yes, my husband hates going to the show. He hates watching movies at all. He says he could be doing other things rather than sitting through a movie for 2 hours, and gets restless if he does watch one. I'm not sure how he can sit through two frigging curling games in a row but can't sit through a movie. That will always puzzle me. No matter, I don't need him to go to the show, as Brandon will always be my movie buddy. Our next venture out will probably be to the last segment of the Harry Potter series, due out this summer.
I've got to head back into the city tomorrow morning for haircuts and to pick up my mom's new glasses (I upgraded her to 'old lady' status with her new progressives...haha). Then I've got the ladies from our decorating committee for dance coming over again to hopefully finish our backdrop decorations after supper. I'm also hoping there will be alot of wine flowing as's nice to just sit and gab with other moms sometimes.
On Sunday Jacelyn dances at the Trade Show in town here, and she's looking forward to that.
All in all, it will be a productive weekend.
Mike and I are thinking that we will zip into Edmonton this week to pick up our tile. We've had to wait long enough and have gotten the run around too long from Home Depot...which really upsets me as I love that store and don't like thinking mean thoughts about it :)
We've been on a boil water advisory for a week and a half now, and it's getting very annoying at this point. We've just had so many water breaks that our system is pretty stirred up, and the turbidity is high. I'm looking forward to rinsing out the kids' toothbrushes under running water any time soon now!

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