Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What our week was like..

Since I last blogged we were busy and productive in our busy-ness!
We went to the Spring trade show in Lloydminster on Friday, just Mike, Charlie and I, and had fun walking around looking (and dreaming) at all the home finishing booths. Some of our favorites to note were:
1. fake grass that looks like real grass (cool)
2. Seller's RV (serious daydreaming here)
3. tiny tim's donuts
4. fish filleting demonstration
5. the other tiny tim's donut booth.
Mike's favorite part of the night was stopping at a booth and buying our new Traeger Grill. It's a type of barbecue that is electric, but burns wood pellets infused with any flavor you like. It then distributes the heat, and you can control the heat setting. So it's a smoker, a convection oven, or a grill. The meat just falls off the bone, and once you taste a juicy tender piece of chicken or steak, you'll never go back to gas or propane ever again. Mike has been drooling over Traegers for a year and a half now, and with the booth owners offering such a deal on the grill, he couldn't refuse. That, and we didn't have a bbq as ours bit the dust last year. And yes, we are using it tomorrow night for supper...can't wait!

Charlie showing off her new helmet.
On the weekend we did a few things besides the usual laundry, vacuuming and dusting. We watched a bit of curling, Mike showed some houses, and played with the kids. Not very exciting but that's life around here. On Sunday morning I had the ladies from our decorating committee here to get a jump start on our decorations for the upcoming dance recital, which was a big relief since we got over half of them done. Later on it was just the kids and I, as Mike worked showing houses then went to a hockey game when he was finished.

Yesterday I had Olivia and Noah for the day, and we busied ourselves with cookie making in the afternoon when the little ones were sleeping. As you can see, there was some yummy dough-eating going on, and lots of knock knock jokes while we waited for the cookies to bake.
And today was another house cleaning day, with all the floors to vacuum and mop all over again. Jacey helps me alot, as she likes to dust and she mops alot of the living room. Tomorrow I'll head to North Battleford to watch Brandon and Jacelyn both 0sing in the music festival for their school, which is always nice to listen to and I enjoy watching.
You may not be gripping the edge of your seat, but I am on this ride we call "life". :)
Have a great week everyone!

Until next time....

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