Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Reno...Day who knows?

My arborite is in! I scooted in to the city today to pick it up (undamaged), and also stopped into Home Depot to pick up my cabinet hardware. I'm now officially over-budget, as 35 pieces cost me $170.00 bucks. I went with oil rubbed bronze, as the hue will match the hinges and also the counter top and tile. Whew, big stuff over, now bring on the power tools!!

That's right, tomorrow we'll pull out the big guns (aka: Mike's heavy duty 'Rigid' table saw) and make the counter top.
 Hopefully before the weekend I will grab my tile and start to work on it Saturday, and grout on Sunday.
 That's my schedule, not sure if it will really happen but I'm hoping!!
Gosh I love the finishing touches of a reno, where all the visions and day-dreaming starts to take shape before your eyes!
Someday I will get rid of the ugly 1980's huge fluorescent ceiling light ( I HATE fluorescent lighting, which is why I hate the new Eco-friendly light bulbs too), but there was only so much I wanted to do, and if I had the extra money to spend I would use it to upgrade the things I was re-doing in the first place. So taking that down can wait for another day...I don't feel like re-spackling the ceiling anytime soon either.

After everything is finished it'll be time to tackle the main bathroom! ---uh-oh.....I think I just heard Mike's head hit his desk 50 km away. :)

This huge cardboard box will make an AWESOME rocket, which I'm absolutely positive will be the first words out of Brandon's mouth when he walks in the door today!!

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