Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Easter Project

This year's Easter project was a quick one, but it turned out really cute.
We cut some budding branches off of our lilac tree and set them in a tall vase filled with rocks.
Charlie decorated them with eggs hung on ribbon and the other two kids decorated eggs that we blew the yolks out of. Then they hung them on the "Easter Tree" the next day when the glue was dry. Cute and it looks like Spring in the front room now.
We are trying very patiently to wait for our tile to come in, but it's very hard. We have been getting the run around from Home Depot, and we've been back there inquiring after the tile 4 times now. Each time we have talked to someone different and end up with the same result: walking away empty handed, and frustrated. The issue is this: the tile is an automatic order item, which means that when the last tile leaves the store, the computer registers it and the system resets to say there are 0 tiles of that type. Then it automatically orders another pallet. The Lloydminster Home Depot says there are 44 tiles in stock...there are, however, 0. Of course, Mike and I have both asked the sales people if the system can be over-ridden to say "0", and then the computer can then order new stock. Finally, I asked the receiving manager if he could do this, and I think they will, but the question is when. He actually said we would have better results if we went to a Home Depot in Edmonton!! It kind of shocked me that they would direct sales to another store, but on the other hand, that makes for a more expensive tile if we have to drive 2 1/2 hours to get it.

With the kitchen taking so long, I'm finding that my calendar is starting to fill up fast, and my daily events are overlapping with each other. I started babysitting in my home two weeks ago, and while that is going great, I've got dance recital decorations to make, gymnastics pictures and recital coming up the same week as the dance recital, and other small mundane appointments mixed together with general household chores. I don't feel overwhelmed but I do feel busy, and fall into bed most nights. Charlie has been cutting out her nap in the afternoon and it is driving me crazy. Not only do I miss getting my chores done during this time, but she is such a grumpy bear

and her nastiness finally drove me to drink this evening. I called Mike up at 5:30 while I was making supper and said "cocktails are now being served", to which he replied he was on his way home...I think he knew mommy had reached her limit for the day. I had a drink waiting for him too, and now I'm really, really enjoying my quiet time this evening. I know I've commented before about how it's funny that kids can drive you up the wall, but yet at the end of the day in the back of your mind you know it's worth it. I miss them terribly when I'm away for a few hours, and so I guess that means we are doing something right. :)
Here is this week's page's a little bit rock star, and ALL sass. And that's what my girl is.

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